Queen Ada Cardano Giveaways!

We decided to share the love with QUEEN’s active delegators by giving away ~100 ADA each epoch starting from E270!

In order to qualify, you need to be delegated with QUEEN and your stake needs to be active. 

If you aren’t delegated with QUEEN but delegate in epoch N, your stake will be active with QUEEN in epoch N+2. 

For example, a delegator who delegates to QUEEN in E270 will be active with QUEEN from E272.

Winners are picked using Phil’s Random Weighted Delegator picker on a livestream on Queen Ada’s YouTube Channel

For latest giveaways, join Queen Ada Gang on Telegram and follow QUEEN’s twitter @QueenAdaStaking

E273 Giveaway (₳75 + ₳45 + CNFT)

E271 Giveaway (₳50 + ₳30 + CNFT)

E270 Giveaway (₳50 + ₳30 + CNFT)

Phil's Random Weighted Delegator Picker tool Demo

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