Get To Know Your SPO show​

The idea for the Get to Know Your SPO show is to shed light and give voice to SPOs and other cardanians who don’t currently have a youtube presence.

It’s an opportunity for the host, QUEEN’s phillerino, and the viewers to get to know all the different people from the amazing Cardano community.

It’ll also give these guests a platform to have their say, and last but not least, delegators will able to see and hear the person(s) behind their pool of choice.

A win-win-win scenario for all involved.

Episode 8 - monad pool

Episode 7 - CABU Pool

Episode 6 - EDEN Pool

Episode 5 - CARDS Pool

Episode 4 - CHAIN Pool

Episode 3 - BRADA Pool

Episode 2 - Kiwipool Staking

Episode 1 - Brothership Pool

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